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1PCS Household Kitchen Dish Cleaning Brush Pot Fiber Cleaning Ball Steel ball Dish Cleaning Brush
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Product SKU JZ2006332-1PCS
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm
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⭐️A multi-purpose content. Oil and dirt proof, easy to clean. The ball brush can be used to clean bowl, plate, coated pots, stoves, desktops, pans, grills surfaces, tableware, sink, rice cooker, chopping block, bottom of pot, cooking bench, etc.
⭐️Easy to clean and no residue. Compared to normal sponge brushes, nylon sponge brushes are easier to clean and do not leave over food residue and bacteria. Give you a cleaner experience.
⭐️Hygiene, anti-rust and free from germ and bacteria. Dish sponges are a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and germs. You’re just spreading around the dirt every time you use them. These nylon fiber scrubbers are sanitary, safe and rust resistant even though they remain damp for long time.
⭐️Reusable. These nylon ball can replace new with take off and stuck into handle teeth.
⭐️Wide range of uses. Can be widely used for washing dishes, pots, pans, dinner plates, cleaning the sink, ,oven, microwave and spot cleaning.
⭐️Effective decontamination. The spherical brush adopt internal spiral design, Easily wipe off stubborn stains. Remove tough stain and resist grease easily. They are safe to use on non-stick cookware. Make your housework easy & effective.

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